A day in the life of a dog at Animal Farm Dog Boarding

A dogs life - Animal Farm Dog Boarding Coventry

With a large, private farmhouse based on 150 acres of arable farmland, we offer a “home away from home” experience for your dogs, making it as relaxed and as comfortable as possible! We have a huge 1-acre fenced paddock for your dogs to enjoy when the weather is suitable, which includes plenty of shaded areas, a plumbed in freshwater trough, toys/sticks and plenty of space for them to enjoy. Inside, there are various areas of the farmhouse for your dogs to roam, never making them feel closed in.

Inside or out, with full access to fresh water, food, comfortable beds and the freedom to move around you can rest assured that your dogs are always looked after during their stay.

As many dogs spend many hours home alone during the day you may find your dog seems extra tired after their stay – this is due to the fact that we ensure the dogs are allowed the opportunity to spend time outside with the rest of the visiting dogs during the day as well as exercising them every morning and evening. Walks and outdoor time are tailed to the dog, with some needing longer walks than others, and some just prefer to be indoors with more human company, others happy out running about – and we work around that for you.

As with humans, some dogs do not get on with others. To ensure all our visitors are safe in our care, we like may split their time out in the garden or if needed have them sleep in different rooms. We are also happy to feed separately for those who prefer to dine in private! Luckily, issues between boarding dogs are rare, as we only take friendly, socialised animals! we are yet to have an issue that has required a dog to leave us, and we hope that will never be the case! We happily provide updates for you whilst your dog is here, and with your permission, we upload photos for you to view on Instagram and Facebook of them having fun!